Enclosures and Wraps

weather wrapAll Season Enclosures and Wraps

Working in the upper mid-west, especially the Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Dakota’s areas, means you need to work year-round in all sorts of inclement weather.  If your project needs a durable enclosure system that can be installed one time and hold up through the duration, then we’ve got the solution for you!

Our enclosures and wraps are designed to keep your workers and and their work areas protected, dry, and warm. Stay on track, and don’t let the weather be a factor on your project!


scaffold rentalScaffold Erection and Dismantling

We can provide the scaffold erection and dismantling services you need.  Our team can design and erect the scaffold systems according to the plans and designs of the project and help you meet your deadlines.   When the job is complete, our team can provide full dismantling service, to help you get it all wrapped up fast!

Awareness and Safety Training

Scaffold Service is an accredited training institute with accredited instructors, conveniently located between Minneapolis and St Paul.  We offer performance based programs that must successfully be completed with a minimum of 80% score to pass.  We feature a full training facility for all of our classes, and plenty of staff on hand to answer any questions that arise. For larger groups we can even come to your facility for training.

Full Service Solution For Your Access Needs

Scaffold Service proudly serves contractors with safe, reliable, and high quality access equipment, scaffold, accessories, and safety training . We provide a variety of scaffold rental and service solutions for contractors and projects of all sizes.  Our engineering and design team can provide CAD layouts, which can be supported by our experienced erectors and supervisors.

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