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material hoistScaffold Lifts, Hoists, and Climbers

We provide top quality scaffold hoists that ensure rugged, reliable performance, time after time. Ideal for roofers, carpenters, painters and plaster contractors for a cost-saving, safe way to transport your construction materials.

We’re the scaffold experts of the upper Midwest, with a large inventory.  You can be sure we have the right hoist solution for your project, with materials such as;

  • Electric Hoists
  • Air Hoists
  • Safety Brakes
  • Top Limit Switch
  • Controlled Decent

builders hoist
beta max hoist

Material Lift Hoist

Sky Climber Tower HoistSky Climber Electric and Air Hoists

Personnel lifting on drilling rigs and platforms has traditionally been done using winches designed for material. These devices, even if modified for personnel, do not carry the extra built in safety features, and operate at extreme speeds leading to accidents and injury. Difficulty in communication between the operator & rider compounds the danger in this type of application. Rigs have been moving to man-rated systems to provide access to the blocks for daily maintenance. Sky Climber has developed the Tower Hoist to address the issues associated with inferior systems and features the most advanced technology available.

With the Sky Climber Tower Hoist, the rider controls his own ascent and descent with a wireless remote control. Hand or radio signals are no longer necessary and productivity is improved without using a second operator. The speed is regulated to 35 fpm. It has a mechanical secondary safety brake should the motor brake fail, a top limit switch to prevent the rider from ascending into an upper obstruction, and mechanical controlled descent capability in case of power loss. Additionally, the machine has a very small footprint allowing it to be used in close quarters in the crown.

Triak Motorized HoistTIRAK® Scaffold Hoist (motorized)

The TIRAK® is a motorised hoist with a wire rope which passes completely through the machine. The TIRAK® has been specially designed for suspended access applications. The originality and the reliability of its wire rope driving system make it the ideal lightweight, sturdy and safe hoist for suspended scaffolds and working platforms.

Unlimited working height: the wire rope not being stored in the machine the TIRAK® can operate on practically any height of lift.

Exceptional capacity: The unique high capacity models, 1t (2,000 lbs) and 2t (4,000 lbs), can be used for heavy working platforms, multitier suspended scaffolds, etc.

Safety is paramount: The simplicity and the reliability of its design make the TIRAK® an extremely safe machine. Positive proof: the TIRAK® has been approved as a scaffold hoist by safety organisations all over the world. In North America they are UL classified (see complete marking on product) and CSA approved.

Emergency descent feature: All TIRAK® models are equipped with a centrifugal mechanically controlled descent device to lower the scaffold in case of power failure.

The principle: The TIRAK® operates on the principle of wire rope travel using traction pulleys. The originality of the system is in the operation and arrangement of the pulley(s). The units of the X series have a single drive pulley. The grip of the wire rope in the pulley is made by set of rollers operated by a pressure spring. The units of the T series have two pulleys, one positioned above the other. Each pulley consists of a pressure disc and a drive disc, pressed against each other by preset high duty pressure springs. The wire rope travels around the two pulleys along an “S” path.

Triak Hoist

Secondary overspeed brake: In North America all scaffold hoists must be equipped with an integrated secondary brake which takes the load in case of emergency. The secondary brake mounted on TIRAK® hoists as standard equipment is a BLOCSTOP® fall arrest device of the BSO type (BLOCSTOP® overspeed).

It consists essentially of a clamping jaw mechanism of the TIRFOR-type and a centrifugal governor, which permanently checks the speed of the wire rope passing through the BLOCSTOP®. The jaw mechanism automatically clamps onto the wire rope when there is a sudden increase in speed. The TIRFOR®-type jaws do not damage the wire rope.

The BLOCSTOP® BSO may also be operated manually at any speed by operating the emergency stop button.

The standard TIRAK® is fitted with an electric motor, either single phase 110/220 V or 3-phase 230/460V, 50/60 cycles. Other voltages as well as two speed motors are available as an option.
The TIRAK® may be fitted with an air motor, for use mainly in industries with a potentially explosive environment (e.g. oil refineries, chemical plants, etc) or in facilities fitted with large compressed air installations, such as power stations, shipyards, etc.
Use only the TIRAK® wire rope, specially designed for use with the TIRAK® mechanism. Since it is not stored in the machine, any length of wire rope can be used, supplied separately from the machine, wound on a reel or drum.

scaffold rentalScaffold Design and Drafting

Steel frames are made in different styles and sizes (some samples are illustrated here).  Ladders, base plates, side brackets, stair units and other accessories are combined with scaffold frames to create the appropriate format for each job.

Engineered Scaffold Systems

We can provide CAD services and scaffold design services for your project.  Our scaffold design and CAD services can provide preliminary and final scaffold layouts, taking into account factors such as weather, workloads, regulations, and other factors.

scaffold rentalScaffold Erection and Dismantling

We can provide the scaffold erection and dismantling services you need.  Our team can design and erect the scaffold systems according to the plans and designs of the project and help you meet your deadlines.   When the job is complete, our team can provide full dismantling service, to help you get it all wrapped up fast!

Awareness and Safety Training

Scaffold Service is an accredited training institute with accredited instructors, conveniently located between Minneapolis and St Paul.  We offer performance based programs that must successfully be completed with a minimum of 80% score to pass.  We feature a full training facility for all of our classes, and plenty of staff on hand to answer any questions that arise. For larger groups we can even come to your facility for training.

Full Service Solution For Your Access Needs

Scaffold Service proudly serves contractors with safe, reliable, and high quality access equipment, scaffold, accessories, and safety training . We provide a variety of scaffold rental and service solutions for contractors and projects of all sizes.  Our engineering and design team can provide CAD layouts, which can be supported by our experienced erectors and supervisors.

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