Safety Equipment

Fall Protection and Safety Equipment

Falls are one of the most common causes of fatal, and non-fatal, injuries among high-reach and construction workers. Scaffold Service is an accredited training institute with accredited instructors, so you can be sure safety is a serious topic for us.  We are happy to provide you with essential, top quality, and reliable fall protection and safety equipment.

Fall Protection Products


safety harness

  • RBY-TB/U Revolution
  • E650-4 Duraflex
  • High Performance



  • 216 TLWLS Manyard
  • 913 B Backbiter

Self Retracting Lifelines

retractable life line

  • Retractable Lifeline

Rope Grabs

  • Rope Grab 913WLS
  • 3FT Lanyard for grab

Grip Anchor


Life Line

Life Line

Beam Clamp

beam clamp

Cross Arm Strap

cross arm strap


scaffold rental

Full Service Solution For Your Access Needs

Scaffold Service proudly serves contractors with safe, reliable, and high quality access equipment, scaffold, accessories, and safety training . We provide a variety of scaffold rental and service solutions for contractors and projects of all sizes.  Our engineering and design team can provide CAD layouts, which can be supported by our experienced erectors and supervisors.

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