Debris Chutes

Let Gravity Do The Work

Trash and Debris ChuteScaffold Service provides durable trash chutes, featuring superb ease-of-use, they provide a quick, clean, & safe solution.

We’re the scaffold experts of the upper Midwest, with a large inventory.  You can be sure we have the debris chute solution for your project, with equipment such as;

  • Welded Sections
  • Wrap-Around Sections
  • Steel Liners
  • Chute Hoists

debris chutes

debris chutes 2

debris chute
debris chute

Trash Chute SectionsDebris Chutes and Sections

Superchute sections are tapered tubes that attach quickly & easily to one another using built-in cable assemblies. Create chutes up to 200 ft. in length. Use Chute Hoists to install and support the chute.

Entry sections allow debris to be cleared from any floor level, and are equipped with Cable Gates as required by OSHA.

Superchute sections are:

  • 4 foot tall (because linked sections overlap a little, 3 sections provide 10 ft. of drop)
  • Slightly tapered (only 1 inch taper – tight fit minimizes airborne dust)
  • Equipped with safe & strong cable linking hardware
  • Outstandingly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and cold
  • Lightweight, safe, flexible, and quiet in use
  • Made from yellow UV treated plastic

Debris Chute Steel LinersDebris Chute Steel Liners

Use steel liners to protect heavy-wear areas in your chute system.  Superchute liners feature:

  • 14 gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Brackets for easy attachment to the wall
  • Two hand-holds
  • Painted diameter specs

Debris Chute HoistsDebris Chute Hoists

A chute hoist solves the two obstacles that installers face:

  • Hoisting the chute
  • Anchoring the chute to the building

Superchute hoists can be installed on scaffolds, floor slabs, roofs, and windows.  All the designs are engineered and feature:

  • 3:1 safety factor on the support frame
  • Easy assembly using locking pins
  • Removable Fishpole
  • Fast assembly (only 10 minutes!)
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • The ability to work with a crane (except the Forklift Frame)

Debris Chute Bolt Down FrameBolt Down Frames

250 – 1,000  lbs capacity.

Scaffold HoistsScaffold Hoists

900 – 2,000  lbs capacity.

Forklift Frame HoistsForklift Frames

900  lbs capacity.

Roofer HoistsRoofer Hoists

300 – 905  lbs capacity.

Window LoadspreadersWindow Loadspreaders

350 – 600  lbs capacity.

HoistersBolt Down Frames

600 – 2,000  lbs capacity.

scaffold rentalScaffold Erection and Dismantling

We can provide the scaffold erection and dismantling services you need.  Our team can design and erect the scaffold systems according to the plans and designs of the project and help you meet your deadlines.   When the job is complete, our team can provide full dismantling service, to help you get it all wrapped up fast!

Awareness and Safety Training

Scaffold Service is an accredited training institute with accredited instructors, conveniently located between Minneapolis and St Paul.  We offer performance based programs that must successfully be completed with a minimum of 80% score to pass.  We feature a full training facility for all of our classes, and plenty of staff on hand to answer any questions that arise. For larger groups we can even come to your facility for training.

Full Service Solution For Your Access Needs

Scaffold Service proudly serves contractors with safe, reliable, and high quality access equipment, scaffold, accessories, and safety training . We provide a variety of scaffold rental and service solutions for contractors and projects of all sizes.  Our engineering and design team can provide CAD layouts, which can be supported by our experienced erectors and supervisors.

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