Temporary Roof Protection

Being on the roof comes with added challenges and exposure – a universal guardrail system protects workers when they need to be on the roof. This system rents in 10′, 7’6” and 5′ galvanized rail sections, but powdercoat yellow is available for purchase. They exceed all OSHA requirements of 200 lbs side force without failure and, best of all, they are 100% made in the USA. All base plates must be located a minimum distance of 18″ for a “no curb”/parapet leading edge, or opening if the work location has a curb or parapet edge, the base can be placed perpendicular against the rise of the structure.

Zip Rail

For leading edge worker protection, the Zip Rail is non-penetrating guard rail for use on flat roofs. When the job requires reconfiguration, a Zip Rail is easy to install for quick use.

Slab Parapet Perimeter Posts

Perimeter guard rail system for the leading edge of concrete slabs, or where your parapet height does not meet height regulations.

Acro Pitched Roof Rail

The roof rail system is perfect to protect workers from the hazard of being on the roof.

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