Debris Chutes

Debris Chutes Let Gravity Do The Work

When you’ve got waste material and debris that needs to make its way to the ground level for removal, you need a debris chute. Scaffold Service has the products and services you need. In addition to scaffold and construction equipment, we provide durable trash chutes, featuring superb ease-of-use, they provide a quick, clean, & safe solution.

Debris Chutes, Sections, and Chutes International

Chutes International sections are 4’ tapered tubes that attach to each other quickly and easily using built-in cable assemblies. Create chutes up to 200’ long using Chute Hoists to install and support the chute. Entry sections allow debris to be cleared from any floor level, and are equipped with Cable Gates as required by OSHA.

Superchutes Collapsible Chute

Lightweight, flexible, and safe to use, Superchutes Collapsible Chutes are designed for easy storage, shipping, and handling.

Superchute Slide

Superchute slides are designed for quick, safe, and efficient debris removal on sites

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