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Every construction project, no matter how large or small, needs scaffold and other equipment to keep operations safe at all times. Scaffold Service offers high-quality, reliable scaffold rental services. We’re here to help your project move forward safely.

Frame and Brace Scaffold

Frame and brace scaffold comes in various sizes, styles and types (steel, aluminum or fiberglass) for use by different construction trades and applications. We can add various accessories to make the scaffold roll, extend out from the frames, span over an object, or rest safely on different surfaces.

Tube and Clamp Scaffold

Versatile type tube and clamp scaffold uses vertical, horizontal and diagonal tubes to erect and stabilize the structure. Horizontal tubes and walkways can be placed at any height and vertical tubes can be spaced at any distance apart. For projects with tricky footprints, tube and clamp scaffold is a smart solution.

System Scaffold

System scaffold drives efficiencies with a modular system, removing the need for loose fittings, nuts, bolts and clamps. Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, all components lock onto the unique rosette, minimizing the number of pieces required and keeping all components standard and flexible.

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